comparabilidad de cualificaciones es

Subject field: Recognition of Qualifications and Training
Responsible Body: ---
Creation date: 2018-10-25
Last update: 2018-10-25


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    grado de coincidencia entre niveles y contenidos de diversas cualificaciones (certificados, diplomas o títulos) a escala sectorial, regional, nacional o internacional.

comparabilidad de cualificaciones

Usage status: Oficial/estandarizado [UGR]
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    Source: Cedefop, 2008
    Geographical Variant: Español (España)
    Note: Cedefop; Tissot, 2000.


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    extent to which it is possible to establish equivalence between the level and content of qualifications (certificates, diplomas or titles) at sectoral, regional, national or international levels.

    Cedefop; Tissot, 2000

comparability of qualifications

Usage status: Official/standardized [UGR]
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    Note: Comparability of qualifications improves individuals’ employability and mobility. This term must not be confused with ‘equivalence of qualifications’ (which refers to the similarity of value of certificates or diplomas).